About Us

In the process of building RC boats, I kept running into the same problem:  locating quality parts to build the nicest and best performing RC boats around.  I started making my own parts, and building boats for fellow RC boating enthusiasts.  With each boat I have built, I have made it a point to perpetually improve the quality of the boats I am building, and to develop new and innovative parts and products to share with the RC boating community.  I have always invested any and all money I have made through building boats back into research and development, which leads to constant improvement and developments.  Keith Bradley Boats is a product of these actions.

Our goal at Keith Bradley Boats is to provide boat owners and boat builders with products and services they can’t get anywhere else.  I don’t send anything out to China to be reproduced.  Every custom fabricated part you find on our site is made in the USA.  Virtually every other supplier of RC boat parts sends designs (or copies of existing designs) to China for cheap reproduction, but I believe in American quality and I refuse to outsource to countries that provide a much lower quality product, and a less ethical approach to business.  While this poses a challenge to keeping prices low, it assures that we will consistently provide the kind of products you can only expect from us.

Please be patient with us while we build the website.  Check back as we add new items and sections, and be assured that we will continually grow.  Thanks for taking the time to check the site out, and please feel free to drop me an email with any comments.


Keith “Bradley” Kirchen